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Financial Aid: Scholarships

In the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, we aim to connect incoming freshmen, transfer and currently enrolled students with opportunities to enhance their education. Our main focus is helping students get money for college expenses.

No matter where you are in the scholarship process, we have resources available to walk you through each step of the way. Kennesaw State University is proud to provide our students with ScholarshipUniverse, a one-stop-shop tool to search and apply for thousands of scholarships. With hundreds of KSU scholarships and thousands of external scholarships available on this portal, a potential universe of funding opportunities awaits. 

Unlike other scholarship websites, ScholarshipUniverse provides a customized list of the scholarships whose eligibility requirements you meet, saving you time and effort. You can also be confident knowing that a third-party company has vetted all scholarships listed and that your information will not be sold. Whether you’re a student, parent or scholarship committee member, ScholarshipUniverse has you covered. 

How to Apply for Scholarships Using ScholarshipUniverse

Once you have been accepted to KSU, you can begin using Scholarship Universe to search and apply for scholarships. 

  1. Current KSU students, log in to ScholarshipUniverse with your NetID and password.
  2. Select the Questions tab to the left and begin answering questions about yourself and your academic plans. 
  3. Click the Scholarships tab on the left side of the screen to view scholarships whose eligibility requirements you meet.
  4. Filter your display by amount, application end date or scholarship type.
  5. View or Apply for any scholarships displayed in your Matched section.
  6. You can also search for a specific scholarship by name if you do not see it in your Matched section. Once your desired scholarship is located, be sure you answer all related questions. 
  7. Upload your resume and essay. Most scholarships do not require letters of recommendation; however, if letters of recommendation are requested on your application, you will see this clearly stated in ScholarshipUniverse. Through ScholarshipUniverse, you will send an invitation to individuals requesting they write your two recommendation letters.
  8. Review and submit your application. Please note, you are able to answer additional questions to match to additional scholarships after submitting your initial application. The more questions you answer, the more scholarship matches you may receive.




Scholarship student Abeer Osman

"The Scholarship allowed me to do meaningful research under the talented faculty at KSU. With the scholarship I was able to use the money to further invest in my education by paying for registration costs for next semesters classes. Being awarded this scholarship allowed me to dedicate my full time to research and further my skills as a scientist. It also allowed me to have a sense of purpose and a goal as I worked on my project to present it at the symposium."

- Abeer Osman, Biria Carbon Scholar Recipient

Scholarship student Bobbie Souphanh

"This scholarship has been a true blessing for me and my family, I returned after an almost 10 year hiatus and was not sure how I was going to afford college again, but I knew I did not want the financial aspect of college to hold me back. The Mary Miller Sachs Scholarship has given me a push forward with confidence without the financial burden. I am happy to announce that I was accepted into the Wellstar School or Nursing for the Spring 2021 semester."

- Bobbie Souphanh, Mary Miller Sachs Nursing Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Student Weston Jordan

"This scholarship has had a very profound impact on me and my family. We were ecstatic when we initially learned that I had been awarded the Benjamin J. Thomason Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to more easily fund my college experience as well as encourage me to push myself even harder than I ever have before."

- Weston Jordan, Benjamin J. Thomason Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Student Louis Deavers

"My mother and I both work a lot during the week. Taking a full-time school schedule and working multiple jobs is very stressful, but much stress is also removed when I am able to pay for my schooling because of a wonderful scholarship. I am forever grateful for it."

- Louis Deavers, Lockheed-Martin Leadership Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship student Amber Griffin

"This scholarship has allowed to to focus all my time and effort into succeeding in my courses. My family and I no longer have to worry about large payment deadlines. I am now able to focus on my classes, creating a network and gaining valuable business skills."

- Amber Griffin, J.P. & Ruby Kemp Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship student Kial Cohen

This scholarship has helped my family so much. After receiving the KSU African American Scholarship and the Hope scholarship due to my academic achievements, I am able to attend college debt-free! I am thankful for this scholarship as it has relieved my parents of some financial stress during these rough times."

- Kial Cohen, KSU African American Scholarship Recipient