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Financial Aid: Hold Policy

In order to receive any financial aid funds, students must be in attendance at Kennesaw State University. When a student is studying away from the KSU campus -transcripts are required to document their attendance. Final grades (transcript) must be received to determine a students continued financial aid eligibility.

Per the U.S. Department of Education, Transcripts must be received in order to determine:

  • Whether the final transcript may impact a student's eligibility under Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) rules;

  • Whether a student may have withdrawn from school and the first notification is through the transcript -which then requires financial aid funds to be recalculated -which could result in the student owing KSU additional funds;

  • Whether the student ever started every class -if not -school must perform financial aid recalculation and student could owe funds back to KSU;

  • Whether the student did not take the required courses (if they switched classes) and therefore they are not part of his/her degree and cannot be used to determine financial aid eligibility.

The Kennesaw State University policy is as follows:

  • Students will complete the necessary steps required to receive credit for coursework taken at “Host” school. (Financial Aid Acknowledgment, Credit Approval Request Form and Consortium Agreement must be submitted and approved prior to the start of classes at the Host institution or prior to leaving country for Study Abroad programs, Host Enrollment Verification must be submitted immediately following drop/add at Host institution).

  • Once KSU allows the student to take coursework at another institution, the Financial Aid Office will immediately place a “HOLD” on the students financial aid account. This hold will remain until the transcript has been received by KSU and a determination is made regarding eligibility criteria being met for the education experience away from KSU.  If a student is on an exchange program, through the Education Abroad Office, and the host institution will not be submitting a transcript to KSU - final grades must be received and posted by the KSU Office of the Registrar before future financial aid may be disbursed.

  • On a case-by-case basis, a student's record will be reviewed to determine if SAP would or would not be impacted. Before a review is allowed, a letter must be received from the host school notating that the student did indeed attend and take the coursework showing on the consortium form. As part of the letter from the host school, a notation must be included that the student completed at least one course successfully. For programs lasting longer than one term, the student must submit to the Financial Aid Office at letter from the host school on letterhead notating their attendance and their successful completion of at least on course for the first term of attendance.

  • The student (whose aid was allowed to disburse) will be given 1 month from the first day of classes in any subsequent term to have the transcript received by KSU. If this does not occur, all aid will be removed from the student's account.

  • Once a transcript has been received and a determination is made regarding eligibility, the hold will be removed and aid will be allowed to disburse. On a case-by-case basis, and if the “Host” institution provides a document on institutional letterhead, the hold may be relaxed. Once more, the final transcript must be received within 1 month from the first day of classes, if not received, the aid will be removed.