Kennesaw State University Office of Student Financial Aid.

Online FWS Application

To apply for the Federal Work Study Program (FWS) please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete this application.
  2. Complete your FAFSA application ( and if qualified you will receive your financial Award on your Owl Express.
  3. If you have not activated your student email account, you should do so at ( ) prior to submitting the on line application.
  4. The FWS Coordinator will notify you via your KSU student email address when your application has been reviewed to determine if you are eligible or denied. You may check your student email on line at

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: All applications submitted will not be process for FWS job placements until you are registered for classes for the semester.

Personal Information

*First Name
*Last Name:
*Zip Code:
*Student E-mail:
Enrollment:  Fall 2014
 Spring 2015
 Summer 2015

(NOTE: Please check each semester you plan to enroll)

Job Skills

Clerical & Customer Service- Typing, filing, data entry, telephone, receptionist etc.
Bi-Lingual - Please list languages below.
Computer - Please list computer applications skills and/or experience below, e.g. Word, Excel, etc.
Technical - Please list technical skills and/or experience below, e.g. Custodial, Maintenance, Heating and Air Conditioning etc.
Tutoring - Please list subjects you have tutored.
America Reads Tutoring(Education Majors Only)
 Have you been employed with the Federal WorK Study Program(Check if YES)
If yes, where were you employed:

*Job Experience

*Dates Worked:  to 
*Job Title:
*Supervisor Name:
*Supervisor Phone:
Dates Worked:  to 
Job Title:
Supervisor Name:
Supervisor Phone:


 (Do not list relatives)
*Zip Code:
*Zip Code:

*Emergency Contact



I would like to work a total of   hours each week (maximum of 15).


If I am hired as a Work-Study Student Assistant, I understand that:

  • I cannot earn more than my award amount.
  • I will not be scheduled to work more than 15 hours a week.
  • I will not be allowed to work during my classes.
  • I must notify my supervisor if I am unable to work at my scheduled time.
  • I cannot work on class assignments or projects during scheduled work hours unless approved by my supervisor.
  • I must maintain a 2.0 AGPA and half time enrollment requirements for eligibility.
  • I may be dismissed for refusing to work, not showing up during my scheduled time, punctuality problems, performance problems, or creating a disturbance within the office.
* By checking this box, I certify that I have read and understand the information provided with the online federal work-study application.