Kennesaw State University Office of Student Financial Aid.

Types of Aid

When a student applies for financial aid and need has been determined, the Financial Aid Office may award a "package" of financial aid that may be comprised of more than one type of funding. The type of funding a student receives is determined by a variety of factors that may include financial aid eligibility, income level, student status, and/or grade point average. The types of aid that may be included are described here. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the funding sources listed here.

Grants are financial awards that do not need to be repaid and typically come from state or federal sources. They are usually based on financial need.

HOPE/Zell Miller Programs
HOPE and Zell Miller are merit based scholarship programs available to students who have met the University System of Georgia and the GSFC residency requirements and are enrolled in an undergraduate degree seeking program.

Scholarships are private monies that are made available to students from various local community groups, corporate donors, and the University. You do not have to repay scholarships. Each scholarship usually requires a separate application.

Funds loaned through a lending institution or college. Interest rates vary by program. For federal loans, qualifying students—based on need—will not have to pay interest while in school. Loan programs also are available to eligible parents to help with college expenses of their qualifying children.

Work Study
Jobs that allow students to earn money toward their education while they are enrolled in school. Students can sometimes get jobs related to their program of study.

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What is the difference between a grant and a loan?